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Best Outdoor Activity With Your Dog? Give Frisbee A Try

By Dima B. | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-27

Sooner or later those walks in the park or even jogging with your German Shepherd will become boring and routine. Try Frisbee!

Spice things up by playing a new game. Now, there are a lot of toys you may find in toy shops or even canine clubs. Still, one of the best options you can find is one that we’ve been playing for decades. It wasn’t designed specifically for pets, but it works great. And this is, of course, the frisbee!

The frisbee, for those of us who don’t know, is the typical name for all those flying discs or flying saucers, that kids play with on college campuses or at the beaches. 

They’re typically made of plastic and are about 20 to 25 centimeters or eight to ten inches in diameter. They are made to fly aerodynamically (meaning, utilizing the air and velocity to stay in the air) when someone throws them in the air with a spin. The structure, material, and shape also allow them to be easily caught by hand or by a dog.

© maxmorri
© maxmorri

Playing with a frisbee is much like playing catch with a rubber ball, though frisbees are far more fun. There are various kinds of frisbees available in the supermarkets along with other shops, sports centers and so on. There are disc golf discs, that are smaller, but denser than your common frisbee. They’re made to follow a certain flight trajectory that may decrease or increase their stability and distance.

Apart from being super entertaining, you exercise your dog! 

This might be one of their primary, most basic instincts – to chase stuff! Frisbee allows you to develop these skills in your dog, as well as your own dexterity. All you need is an open space. The bigger – the better. Perfect places for frisbee are meadows, parks or beaches. 

Once people understood that dogs just loved pursuing those flying frisbees, they made special disks made up of more pliable material which are more resilient to the bite of the dog. Those help reduce injuries to the dog which are often connected with more rigid materials. These are exactly the types of frisbees you should be looking for to maximize fun and duration of your playtime. You don’t want to use your ordinary frisbee, as some dogs can bite right through the material after the first throw. 

Naturally the next frisbee craze inspired competitions which examined the disc catching abilities of dogs.

Now you can also find rings like disks which are similar to Saturn’s rings and these are known as Aerobies. They usually fly further than the regular frisbee. The newest frisbee incarnation is the lit flying disc that is growing increasingly more popular for playing at night. It’s called a flashflight disc and players enjoy playing with them even when the sun goes down. 

Get all of the discs listed above and try to figure out which are the best for you. The only thing for certain is that you’ll have a blast with your dog!

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