2 Main Things to Improve GSD’s Fitness

By Dima B. | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-18

Dogs, like humans, can become overweight and unfit.

In case your dog has gained several pounds, it’s probably the right time to put them on a physical fitness regimen to shed the fat and recover some of that youthful energy. When planning a physical fitness regime for the dog, it’s worth remembering that they react to exercise in the same way as humans and that the approaches are really similar, too. They need to develop their physical fitness increasingly, plus they need to be given sufficient rest between workout routines for their bodies to recover and adjust. Nutrition is as important as the workout itself. And, as usual, try to check with your vet when it comes to all the new elements you introduce into dog’s food and exercises. It never harms to have a professional opinion on this. 

Dani Philibotte
Dani Philibotte

While you can easily achieve good results with the dog’s fitness on your own, here are some insights into dog’s fitness improvement.

Don’t attempt getting the dog to get a 5 mile run on the first day, as you’ll only leave them exhausted. German Shepherds are excellent runners since this was one of their primary duties as a, well, shepherd dog. However, if running wasn’t on your agenda before, it’s best to start off small.

Instead, start with a few light jogs, or take your GSD to play get in the park. Spend as much time outside doing various physical activities with the dog, until the dog starts to look tired. There’s no clearer indication that you’re reaching to the current fitness limit. And it’s a good sign! It means that next time you’ll be able to go over this line a little bit, until, eventually, the dog is in the best shape again!

In case your dog is performing more exercise, then the odds are you will be exercising more, too. It’s simple – if the dog’s running more – than you have to run alongside, and so on. Therefore it’s important that you keep track of your own physical fitness, guaranteeing you get enough rest to recuperate between workouts. That would be embarrassing if you started off training your dog to regain shape only to find out that it’s you who has some workout to do!

Like humans, dogs need to eat lots of natural, healthy food to be able to reach peak fitness.

This is particularly the case with German Shepherds. Their physique requires a lot of nutrition and, more importantly, they need the right types of food. Just as athletes need to be on a diet to prepare for the tournament, dogs need food of high quality and the kind that suits them best. So, just imagine that your GSD is preparing for the next Olympics and treat their diet as such! Examine your dog’s diet, remove the unhealthy stuff, and replace it with anything more nutritious.

It’s easy to get some extra pounds during the holidays. Even if you’re a dog! But with the right training and food regime you’ll be able to easily get back on the fitness track!

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