This is one of those stories that you hear from time to time on the news.

There’s always some film in the theaters or a hot news story of this type. And no wonder, dogs provide an abundance of stories where they exhibit qualities we admire them so much for.

German Shepherd named Capitan was an ordinary dog and a beloved pet, as millions of others. He lived in Argentina in a big family and was a pet for a 13-year-old boy, Daniel, who he loved. This was a dog’s dream, probably, but events took a sudden change. Boy’s father had passed away a year after presenting Daniel with Capitan.

However, right after his owner, Manuel Guzman, had died – the dog disappeared. The family recalls returning home after the memorial service only to find out that Capitan had disappeared. 

It took the rest of the family a week to find the dog, and they were astonished.

Why? Because after they went to the cemetery, they found the dog sleeping on its master’s grave!

The dog refused to return home after the family had found it. And not only on that day but for the next six years! They were astonished to learn that the dog had found it’s masters grave all by himself. The cemetery staff was also bewildered by the sight of a German Shepherd running around the premises until, finally, stopping near one tomb. This was the grave of his deceased master, as you might have already guessed.

He was taken cared of by the cemetery staff and would occasionally return home for visits. But most of his time he had spent as he had done for all his life – alongside his master.

Mr. Guzman’s children would tell reporters that they could not force the dog to return home.

A week later, they said, he’d return home with the rest of the family, but only for a little while. While he was originally a pet presented for Mr. Guzman’s son Daniel, Capitan had clearly wished to stay with Mr. Guzman himself. So, after spending a couple of hours with the family, Capitan ran back to the cemetery.

Capitan follows in the tracks of Hachiko. Hachiko became world-famous due to a similarly extraordinary story. This Akita dog is said to have waited at a Tokyo train station for its master to get back every day for nine years. Following his owner’s, Hidesaburo Ueno, passing, Hachiko would wait him to come back from work from May 1925 untile 1935. Based on this very story a multitude of books, short stories, and feature films were made, some even in Hollywood. 

While no evidence is probably needed for people to reaffirm the belief that dogs are our best friends and companions, stories like theses simply leave no other sentiments for us to express. Dogs prove over and over again how loyal, devoted and loving they are. It is true for virtually any breed and German Shepherds included, as Capitan has showed us.




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