German Shepherds make great pets and guard dogs for individuals or the whole family, as long as they’re properly trained.

If you’re in a market for a great family pet and a guardian, a German Shepherd should be your top pick. You’ve probably seen the photos of those K-9 German Shepherds in special enforcement units and with the police forces or rescue services. And it’s not a coincidence. German Shepherds are a badass breed. If you have an intruder in the house, even if it’s a stray animal, you want a German Shepherd to greet them more than any other breed of dogs. The best kind of guardian. By The best kind of guardian. By

Don’t think that with fun and protection you have to compromise

German Shepherds are super fun dogs to have around. It’s essential to remember that German Shepherds are extremely active and high energy dogs, which indicates they need plenty of exercise as well as attention. They’re also naturally dominant dogs that make training and various activities even more important. The mixture of these qualities makes them a perfect friend for small kids, as well as a protector. 

Instinctively German Shepherds want to be the controlling side within the relationship. Dog owners with kids mark this as a great trait. Because of this, German Shepherds aren’t afraid to take the leading role with the kids and be a sort of a nanny for them. Don’t forget that the German Shepherd breed was created to herd sheep. So, the transition from taking care of uncontrollable sheep to managing uncontrollable kids should be a relatively easy one for the German Shepherd.

German Shepherds are very safe dogs

If trained properly and taken care of, you don’t have to worry about a thing. All those news stories of crazy aggressive dogs, in nine out of 10 cases, is a case of a dog that was abused. German Shepherds, and most dogs for that matter, love kids! They really do have an instinctive inclination to help and protect and care for a small helpless child. 

Many say that the dogs have a certain sixth sense. Well, if that’s the case it certainly manifests itself in their ability to help others and in their empathy. There are many stories of dogs helping sick people in hospitals to live through their illnesses and conditions. As well as stories of dogs devoted to their masters so much they would wait for them endlessly or walk miles to find them.

German Shepherd boasts a combination of, arguably, the best qualities we find in dogs. No wonder they are so extremely popular across the globe. Interestingly, they don’t have a target ‘audience’, so to say. You can easily find a tough ‘manly’ man with a German Shepherd and an old lady walking her German Shepherd. 

This is great news for someone seeking a guardian dog

Finding this perfect middle between a fearless, strong dog and a caring, devoted pet is a rarity. Thanks to the German Shepherds, it is one that almost everyone can afford. 

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