German Shepherd Coat – the Classic Black GSD


German Shepherds Became an Instant Classic Ever Since the General Public Got a Hold of These Dogs

Being a relatively young breed (originating at the end of 19th century) these dogs have always been used in various capacities. Now, they are crucial elements to many vital public activities, like assisting the disabled, or illegal drug trafficking control, just to name a few. You’ve definitely seen these dogs just in the streets and have certainly remembered that look. Not many dog breeds are as recognizable as the German Shepherd. And they owe it to their amazing build and coating. When we think ‘German  Shepherd” – we think of the famous K-9 dogs we see on the police force or in the movies, which are a mix of black and tan or orange.

Few people know, that the plain black GSD is actually one of the original breed colorings! It is a common misconception that the all-black coating is a mix and not a 100% GSD. So, let’s debunk it!

There are many variations of the coating of the German Shepherd, many of which we will cover later. The Black German Shepherd Dog is, arguably, the most fierce-looking one of them all. It is easy to see just by looking at it, why this was the dog chosen as a protection and assault dog. Habitually, these dogs do not differ much from those German Shepherds of other colorings. They are as smart, loyal and strong as their counterparts of other color variations. The Black German Shepherd can be trained to do almost anything and many institutions rely heavily on these dogs.

Black German Shepherd dogs are currently popular for one particular reason. While the character and other intrinsic traits of the dog remain similar across the variations, the black coating surely makes this particular type of German Shepherds look simply majestic. Looking much more regal – the Black German Shepherds become an addition to the owner’s entourage.

The amazing look these dogs possess puts them among the most cherished and desired animals out there.

The combination of a classic German Shepherd character and the appearance worthy of a dog owned by James Bond villains, makes it a top priority for many dog enthusiasts. 

Despite the threatening look, the Black German Shepherd is as loyal and kids-friendly as the other breed variations. Many people look for a family dog. And not one to solve crimes. You’ll be surprised to find out how great they are with kids. It’s interesting if the sheep-herding genes have anything to do with this… Obviously, we’re not comparing kids with a herd of uncontrollable sheep. Or maybe we are, just a bit though!  All the better for your German Shepherd – it’ll be a piece of cake to care for, protect and play with the child.

If you are looking for a mixture of incredible intelligence, loyalty, energy and stunning appearance in a dog – the Black German Shepherd is a pick for you.

A collector’s item, being among the rare breed variations, this dog will make a great addition to any family.