Why Every Kid Should Grow Up With A Dog


Every kid needs to grow up with a dog. Seriously! They are so many fun things that our fur friends can teach us! 

Because Dogs Are Our BFF’s

Because who else do we want to wade in a kiddie pool with? (source: Buzzfeed)

Because They Are The Best Rrick or Treat Buddies

This is the only friend who won’t steal your Butterfinger Minis. (source: Buzzfeed)

They’ll Keep You Company on a Rainy Day

So what if he can’t read? He’s a really good listener. And a good snuggler. (source: Buzzfeed)

They’re There When You Need A Hug

When you need a friend, your pup will always be there. (source: Buzzfeed)

They’ll Be There Through All Stages Of Life

Whatever the age, your pup won’t abandon you. (Buzzfeed)

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