Don’t Think Dogs Have Feelings? Watch This. It’s The Saddest 10 Seconds Ever.

By Vee Jones | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-01

We look to our animal friends as sources of love, loyalty, and happiness, but when tragedy strikes, their melancholy emotions can be just as overwhelming as our own. Stories of dogs mourning the loss of their owners or fellow four-legged friends aren”t new, but this video of a pup at the grave of his former human takes that sorrow to a heartbreaking extreme.

Though the clip is brief, there”s no doubt its intense impact will stay with you all day.

(source Sarah and the Wolves)

His other humans admit they may be projecting some of their own emotions onto the poor pup, but that he had also never acted in this way before or after the trip to the grave. Either way, we definitely shouldn”t underestimate our animal friends” capacity for caring.

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212 Replies to “Don’t Think Dogs Have Feelings? Watch This. It’s The Saddest 10 Seconds Ever.”

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