The Dogs YOU Need to Be Following on Instagram


While dogs have always been man’s best friend, it’s only recently that Instagram became a dog-lover’s best friend. From Andrex pups in pajamas to mini dachshunds dressed as hot dogs with ‘they made me do it’ expressions, there’s no shortage of adorable pooches. Gathering loyal followings with ultimate feel-good posts, here are some of our favorite funny dog accounts to follow. They’re guaranteed to brighten up your Sunday morning.

maverick poser

Maverick lives with Xena (left) and Shelby (middle). Don’t be fooled by their burly appearance, these scaredy-cat bulldogs run away from everything. Shelby’s reaction to raindrops is one of the best things on the internet. (@maverick_poser)

goldens of chicago

The Chicago Goldens are a big retriever family. Mum (left) has seven adorable little fluff balls while Aunty Sasha (right) helps mind the pups. Regular videos show them learning to walk, fight and play. (@goldens_of_chicago)


Ludo Taylor is the cutest beagle on Instagram right now. He’s less than six months old but he’s already managed to cover himself in paint, take several trips to the beach and of course eat lots of shoes. (@ludotaylorthebeagle)


Huskygrams is for all you snow-dog enthusiasts who love these blue eyed pups. A daily adorable husky stares intently at you, probably sizing you up. (@huskystagram)


A daily little nugget with oversized paws and floppy ears, you can’t go wrong with the compilation ‘puppy of day’ account. Make sure you don’t miss any puppy tumbles, cuddles or baby snores by following this page. It’s the best way to wake up. (@puppyofday)


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