A Bad Couple Months

Maverick was living on the streets. Though homeless, he still found a way to survive. But after an unknown accident, Maverick had a broken back and he was almost paralyzed.

But a few months after he recovered from his broken back, the poor dog was hit by a car and became completely paralyzed. With his leg broken, Maverick was left to die in pain.

Polka Dogz Heroes

But Chris and Polka Dogz Pet Rescue were destined to save the suffering terrier. Chris and the rescue organization found Maverick on the streets and gave him a third chance in life.

Maverick was placed immediately under veterinarian treatment. It took four vets working together to make sure the terrier’s recovery process was going according to plan.

“Our first vet did x-rays and realized his back was broken. We went straight to a specialist. At the specialist we realized the extent of his injuries.”

“His leg was severely broken, his spinal cord completely severed. He had no control of his bladder or bowels. We had to make a tough decision. When I went back to see Maverick, he just melted into my hands.”

“I knew I couldn’t fail him. I promised him we would help him. Against the recommendation of the neurosurgeon, we were going ahead to see what we could do for Maverick.”

“He spent two nights at the emergency vet getting fluids and antibiotics. He had a CT scan which revealed something both horrifying and inspiring.”- Heidi Hardman, President of Polka Dog.

Maverick is a true survivor. He never lost hope and even did handstands on his front legs just to move around.

“It broke my heart to think of this precious 8 pound boy having to be outside on his own with a broken back fending for himself for months,” – Hardman.

Surviving and Thriving in Recovery

Maverick’s injury was so bad that one vet even told the organization to euthanize him. However, the terrier had a lot more living to do. He wasn’t giving up, and the rescuers weren’t either.

Euthanasia was a bad suggestion in my opinion. Now Maverick is a happy and playful dog, even though his back leg will never function – but he feels no pain and enjoys doing things that doggies do.

The next step is to get him a wheelchair, and thanks to Red Flyer and Eddie’s Wheels, the wheelchair is on its way.

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