You Definitely Didn’t Know These Celebrities Actually Own Rescues


We all know that celebrities have the money to buy whatever they want. These celebrity dog lovers chose to adopt rescue dogs instead of shopping for one. They are paws-a-tively awesome in my book.

Selena Gomez – The First Of Our Celebrity Dog Lovers 

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Since her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber is no longer in the picture, Baylor is now all Gomez’s pup. As a matter of fact, Gomez is a veteran rescuer –Baylor is her sixth rescue. Watch her gush about her pooch below.

Charlize Theron Promotes Animals Together

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Theron is a dog lover for sure, and she’s an active animal advocate. Her dogs are another example of how faithful can animals from shelters be. Their celeb owner also seeks to convey this message to other people. Theron doesn’t understand why everyone is keen on a pet from a pet shop if one can go to the shelter and choose a very faithful friend.

According to Stars Changes, “The actress even launched a campaign to promote the charity for animals together with friends and associations – Brad Pitt, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alicia Silverstone, and Gwyneth Paltrow.”

Hilary Swank Longtime Animal Advocate

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Swank is a longtime animal advocate. In fact, she shared with Petfinder: “I am a really big advocate for speaking up for animals that need to be adopted, and when you think about the statistics, to me, there is no other option but to adopt.” Swank is never seen without her furbabies and is often traveling with her pups to photo shoot locations.

Jake Gyllenhaal With Boo Radley And Atticus

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Both of Gyllenhaal’s dogs, Boo and Atticus, are rescues and named after Harper Lee’s iconic characters in To Kill A Mocking Bird. The 36-year-old actor bundled up in a puffy jacket with grey jeans as he stepped out for a stroll on the beach.

In an interview with Movies Online, Gyllenhaal said that he had a somewhat distant relationship with animals growing up, but after Brokeback Mountain, he felt like he was ready for a dog

Zooey Deschanel Adopts Siblings

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As soon as she met Dot, Zooey fell in love with her. When she found out that Dot had a sister, she adopted the sibling as well because she couldn’t bear to separate this sweet sibling pair. Would you take a rescue dog’s sibling?

Ryan Reynolds Fell In Love With Baxter

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Reynolds says he was helping his friend find a dog when he, “fell in love” with his new pup. In an interview with ABC News Reynolds said, “I saw this big, dumb-looking retriever staring up at me…I whispered to him, ‘Hey, let’s get the hell out of here.’ And he jumped up like he spoke English fluently. He came with me, he jumped in the car, and we’ve been best buddies ever since.”

Kellan Lutz Advocates Adopt Don’t Shop

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This Twilight star has always been vocal about his love for rescue dogs. He also happens to be a huge adoption advocate! In an exclusive interview with PETA, Lutz recalled the day he met Kola: “I touched her toe and said, ‘Hey, what’s your name?’” He also said, “She spoke to me.” Kevin, his Chihuahua, is also a rescue.

Emma Stone With Andrew Garfield and Ren

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Stone already had a dog when she decided to get Ren with her boyfriend, Andrew Garfield. According to People Pets, they initially fostered the Golden Retriever before falling completely in love and adopting her.

Orlando Bloom Adopts A Saluki Mix

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Bloom rescued Sidi from Morocco when he was in Africa filming Kingdom of Heaven. His Saluki mix pup goes everywhere with him. Here’s a video pic compilation of Bloom and his pup, Sidi

Bradley Cooper’s Rescues Are His Kids

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Cooper rescued Samson when he noticed the German Short-Haired Pointer was listed on a kill-shelter site. He fell in love with 7-year-old Charlotte at an adoption drive. He later shared his love for rescues on People Pets: “I lucked out, I got two great rescues…I’m sort of a hybrid of both my dogs. Samson is stoic and makes me earn it, and Charlotte loves me undyingly. They’re my kids.” 

Miranda Lambert Loves Her 6 Rescues

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Lambert rescued three of her dogs from a shelter and found the other three in various places. You know celebrity dog lovers when you see one and Lambert’s actions fit the bill to a tee. “The three days Miranda Lambert spent helping clear out animal shelters in the hurricane-ravaged Houston area in September 2017 was beyond hard work, she said. It was “heart work.”

Josh Hutcherson Adopted Rescue Dog With Broken Leg

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If he didn’t already melt your heart as Peeta in The Hunger Games, this is going to turn you into a fan. Hutcherson rescued a Pit Bull puppy that was in a shelter for 110 days!

“Driver was found as a stray and dropped off at the L.A. shelter with a broken leg. According to shelter personnel, the dog sat with the injury for 11 days and was in a great deal of pain before he was transferred to HPH. The dog is also missing two toes,” according to Hutcherson’s Facebook page.

George Clooney Found Einstein Online

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Clooney, the actor, humanitarian and multi-credited movie star, rescued his dog from a shelter in early 2010. In an Esquire interview, Clooney explained, “So I go online and see Einstein. They had a whole film about him. It was actually really sweet. You see him all beat up and shit in the shelter, and they show how they cleaned him up. God, I love this dog. So I called and said, ‘I like Einstein!’”

Sandra Bullock Adopts A Tripod, A Bipod, and A One-eyed Dog

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Bullock, hits the mark as one of our celebrity dog lovers, she has three dogs who are all rescues and who all happen to be special needs pooches! Poppy is a tripod, Ruby is a bipod, and Bebe (not pictured) is a Chihuahua with a missing eye. “The dogs, that can’t move on their own, have special seats and vehicles. Even Sandra’s car is equipped with special belts. Bullock said that even though her pets have physical drawbacks, they are definitely perfect because they give her so much love that people can hardly give.

Kristen Bell With Lola And Pat

Kristen Bell shares with Ellen the story of Lola fighting a giant coyote in her front yard, as Pat, her other dog sat undisturbed in the master bedroom.

Jennifer Aniston One Of Our Top Rescue Dog Lovers

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Aniston rescued a white German Shepherd, Dolly in 2006. And she saved a Pit Bull with her fiancé Justin Theroux whom they named Sophie. Aniston said, “We were there (at the shelter) for three hours, and I’m telling you, I…almost [walked] out with three puppies. It’s so hard. That’s why we named her Sophie because it was Sophie’s Choice. I was crying – it was so hard.” Aniston’s love of dogs is very well known. Aniston spoke with Gayle King, both celebrity dog lovers, on her adoption of a new puppy after losing her dog Norman. Not too long after, she got a tattoo of his name in his honor. Thereby proving, Aniston’s rescue dog love runs more than skin-deep. 

Kelly Clarkson And Her Band Of Rescue Pups

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Clarkson’s pup Joplin passed away in 2013, and she’s still going strong as an adoption advocate. In addition to her two other rescue dogs, Bear and Wyatt, Clarkson cares daily for another 30 rescue dogs. And that’s not including the horses and pigs and other animals she has permanently adopted. She’s a remarkable example of epic rescue dog lovers, as she uses her vast ranch home to help all these animals. In an interview with NME Magazine Clarkson said, “It’s like a rescue ranch now. We have 30 dogs, 14 horses. We still only have three ponies and four minis, but we have goats now, two pigs we rescued called Miss Daisy and Boss Hog, I gave those to my brother.”

Even Simon Cowell Is One Of Our Rescue Dog Lovers


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It just goes to show you, no matter your personality or temperament, a dog can melt even the iciest of hearts. Seriously, Cowell not only has an eye for human talent, but he also has a knack for rescuing dogs. Welcome to our list, Simon, we’re glad to have you.

Have other celebrities won your heart as rescue dog lovers? We always value your opinion and would like to hear some of your stories.

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