The Best Big Dog Breeds For Families With Small Children


Every child loves a dog – but which is best for your family? Small dogs can be snappy at smaller children, which makes us think of bigger dogs as an option. Is it possible? And which breed is best. Below are some of the best big dog breeds for families with small children.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are great with strangers, kids, and they are really docile to boot. They can do very well in homes but require a large outdoor space since they are outdoor dogs at heart. For such a large size dog, they are very fast. They are affectionate, loyal, faithful, stable, intelligent, and sometimes shy. The majority of Bernese are friendly to people, and other dogs. Eager to please, they also get along well with other household pets. (source: AKC)


Who wouldn’t want a Lassie look-a-like in their family? Collies are highly trainable, gentle, intelligent, and well suited as pets. In fact, their tenderness and loyalty also make them highly compatible with children. While not huge dogs, they are usually between 60-75 pounds and require a daily walk and moderate exercise. (source: AKC)


There are many types of mastiffs: American, English (pictured), Alpine, Cane Corso, and many others. Mastiffs in general, tend to be calm and quiet dogs and are wonderful with children. Loyal and loving, they are not typically aggressive unless they are protecting their families. (source: AKC)

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are very active dogs, excellent guard dogs and also suitable for search missions. Shepherds have a very loyal nature and bond well with people they know, particularly the head of the household, and tend to become very protective of their human family. Highly intelligent and obedient, with adequate training, they make amazing family pets. (source: AKC)


The Newfoundland dog is known its calm nature and strength. Incredibly loyal, they are also known as “the gentle giant” and have a sweet temper. Although exceptionally good with children, small children might get accidentally leaned on and knocked down simply due to their size. They also need a very large amount of space and a committed grooming regimen. (source: AKC)

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