Why Bans On Pit Bulls Should Band Pit Bull Owners?


Bans on Pit Bulls should band Pit Bull Owners together. The overwhelming negativity surrounding Pit Bulls has created some unity among owners. Nevertheless, it is not enough and the reason why is best described by one quote.

A Common Problem Needs Common Ground.

Bans on Pit BullsThis particular quote came from Ms. Jennifer Deane, President, and founder of Pit Sisters Rescue.

“I feel like we take one step forward and 10 steps back”.

That quote says it all and it is the reason why there needs to be more. More initiative and more cooperation between dog owners and lawmakers.

Motivation to Save a Life, should not be Needed.

Bans on Pit BullsThis isn’t about the safety of a community as much as some would have you believe. There is more behind this motivation to exert control over a breed.

If a breed is indeed this unstable and dangerous, why would law enforcement employ Pit Bulls?

Furthermore, there are people creating ad campaigns in support of not adopting Pit Bulls. Yet, these same people are also advocates for killing all Pit Bulls. This sounds more like a vendetta with a God complex.

Change Needs One Part Listening, One Part Communication, and One Part Understanding.

Bans on Pit BullsThis really does not sound like the safety of a community is their top priority.

I am not by any stretch of the word advocating any justification for the violence committed by Pit Bulls. At the same time, I disagree with the notion that it is all dogs fitting the description of a “Pit Bull”, are the responsible parties.

The Majority Project has it right. There are millions of responsible dog owners who happen to own Pit Bulls. Yet, only a few incidents of violence by Pit Bulls receives all of the attention.

This Type of Thinking Hurts Your Community Rather Than Making it Safer.

Bans on Pit Bulls
Close-Up Of Pit Bull Terrier

These organizations that assume the responsibility of rescuing animals are nonprofit. Their Budgets are no less because of it. They have finite resources that they must use to address an almost infinite problem.

The animal homeless situation only gets worse when we introduce BSL. It has a domino effect on shelters and the communities they serve.

Telling people not to adopt Pit Bulls causes more strain on shelter resources. Secondly, it also causes shelters to become overcrowded. This, in turn, means less space to save more animals and that can lead to more animals being euthanized or on the street.

Safety Should Not Be a Choice that Ignores Common Sense.

Bans on Pit BullsAll of the aforementioned reasons is why these bans should band pet owners together. Pet parents who own Pit Bulls are the ones most directly affected by BSL, but not the only ones affected.

As I stated earlier, it is a domino effect.

BSL usually cause owners of a banned breed to forego veterinary visits for fear of their dog being seen and possibly taken away. These same owners will also skip the required exercise that a Pit Bull needs in order to avoid detection.

The Real Side Effects of BSL are More Dangerous Than You Know.

Bans on Pit BullsAn energetic breed like a Pit Bull will become agitated with all of that built up energy and is more likely to act out. However, this same recipe for disaster would fit any number of breeds equally as well.

In fact, all of the previously mentioned scenarios are happening every day in areas where BSL is in effect. These are not some listed out hypothesized theories. The truth of the matter is, these are real dangers to the very communities BSL is supposed to protect.

In addition, what happens to the families who own Pit Bulls who aren’t putting the neighborhood in danger. You know, the responsible owners who do everything above board and their dog is a model citizen.

This is Why Owners Need To Draw Attention to the Real Problems.

Bans on Pit BullsBSL and the type of thinking that produced it is not taking into consideration the real issues of these laws. They want to make a blanket sweep of all animals fitting a certain description and not consider each animal individually.

There is also a deficiency in the evidence to support such laws and an abundance of data to dispute them. Nevertheless, so long as people refuse to be objective, we will never accomplish the true goal.

That goal is safety. Everyone wants to be safe and everyone should be safe. Pit Bull owners have never advocated that they do not want their neighborhoods safe.

Pit Bull Owners Should Band Together for a Common Good.

Bans on Pit BullsFor many Pit Bull owners, all of the mentioned scenarios has band them together and created some awesome movements.

Entire organizations have put forth efforts to do the same by creating worthy projects. However, just as Ms. Deane of Pit Sisters stated we take one step forward and ten steps back.

There need to be steps made forward, regardless of how small. The thing that must happen is the avoidance of taking steps backward. The goal of obtaining fair and equal treatment for Pit Bulls is a goal for all animal rights.

Where Do Pit Bull Owners Go from Here.

Bans on Pit BullsThe rights of Pit Bulls is at stake here and their rights are tied to all animal rights. BSL also infringes on your 14th Amendment rights as well. They are taking your right to own a Pit Bull and that is a civil liberties violation.

If there is to be a happy medium, then cooperation and unity amongst Pit Bull owners are key. Pit Bull owners and dog owners alike must band together if they wish to have a voice.

Having a voice is the only way Pit Bull owners will be heard. The voice I speak of is one that helps to shape BSL in a way that will make it effective. This also means policing yourselves as well. So, if you see another owner not practicing safe or responsible Pit Bull ownership, speak up. That applies to any dog owner for that matter. We need more involvement from owners if a difference is to be achieved.

What is the Only Acceptable Side Effect of BSL?

Bans on Pit BullsThe only acceptable side effect of BSL is unity among dog owners. So far, that has been a steadily increasing effect. People are taking notice and standing up, but at this time, it is not enough.

The only way to make our communities truly safe is for responsible Pit Bull owners to craft their own BSL or at least assist in its creation.