Are German Shepherds The Best Pets?


German Shepherds are One of The World’s Most Popular Breeds

The United States included. They are known mainly for their incredible character, which makes them excellent pets and service dogs. With the combination of loyalty, intelligence and high-training capacity – these animals are among the most domesticated by people. 

With their incredible popularity, it is reasonable to wonder – why are they so loved? They star in movies as crime fighters and they fight crime in real life! Not everyone, though, needs a dog that investigates crime. People usually look for something else in their pets. Obviously, the German Shepherd know what’s this “x-factor” that makes them a preferred choice for millions of families across the globe. 

What Makes Them so Special? Or, Rather, How Did They Become so Special? 

Well, it all goes back to their origin. First recordings of these dogs or their ancestors may have been around 7th century A.D. Inheriting instincts from the mountain sheepdogs of Germany, this breed became the perfect partner for men to herd livestock. Since then, the German Shepherd was used by people in almost any possible way – as a police dog, movie-star, assistant dog for the disabled and so on. Being so versatile, the question: “Are German Shepherds a good pet” becomes plainly obvious.

These dogs are also highly adaptable. This means, that they can live in almost any climate and feel comfortable living in any household. Give them a nice cozy spot – and they’ll be alright. It is, however, recommended, that your German Shepherd gets a lot of space as an outlet for all the energy they’ve got. If you live in a small apartment – going on a run in a park or on the beach are simply necessary for these dogs to function normally. 

There’s nothing this dog can’t do!  They are great for active individuals or whole families. Being super-energetic they also become the best playmates with your kids. They are incredible around children.  It is obvious that German Shepherds quite enjoy being around kids. Whether it also is rooted in their genes – this is a critical character element you want your family dog to have. 

German Shepherds can also boast with great health and long lifespan. The cases of genetic illnesses are rare with theses dogs, however, they are very difficult to detect. German Shepherds have volumes of energy that they want to share.  They are super active and playful.

Basically – We Have Here the Ultimate Pet

And it is so for multiple reasons. One of the main reasons is the wide range of activities or duties that these dogs excel at. Do you have a herd of livestock to attend to? Check. Do you have a bunch of kids who love dogs? Yep, German Shepherds love kids too. Do you need a buddy for your jogging and outdoor activities? Again, check. Are you a detective with a mystery to solve? Look no further – German Shepherd is probably the most amazing pet you can get.