If you’re lucky enough to share your life with a Pit Bull (like me), or a dog who falls under the bully breed category, you know it takes a special kind of person to take on the challenge of loving a breed that has such an undeserved bad rep. Even though they’re the Best. Pups. Ever.

Dog Park Woes

1: That feeling when you get to the dog park and all the other dog owners pack up and suddenly leave. (source: AKC)

She Loves Me… She Loves Me Not

2: There is no balanced reaction to a Pittie. People either LOVE them and are OBSESSED with Pits, or they are terrified and cross the street. (source: Atlanta Humane Society)

Wanted: Home That Allows Pitties!

3: Finding an apartment or townhouse – or even a house to rent – is next to impossible in many areas. (source: AKC)

Them Hugs!

4: Nothing is better than a Bully hug ? (source: Imgur)

Um… I Was Here First!

5: … but they lack a sense of personal space. (source: Imgur)

The Head Tilt.

6: And that head tilt. How can you not totally melt when you see that head tilt? (source: AFV)

Around The Clock Judgment

7: And you will be judged. On every. Single. Thing. (source: AFV)

Human Food Stalking

8: The most intense looks when it comes to wanting human food. (source: AKC)

The BEST Personalities!

9: Some people tend to paint this breed with one broad stroke, but Pittie parents know that each dog has its own unique personality; they’re just waiting for love from the right human to bring it out! (source: Pitties In The City)

All The Sweetness

10: Regardless of what anyone else thinks, we know that our babies are the sweetest dogs. (Source: imgur)

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