5 Signs You Need a German Shepherd


Have you been acting weird lately? Maybe you’re feeling a bit odd, as if something is missing. Have you found yourself rewatching Hachi and Marley & Me? Well, we think we know what’s going on. Looks like you desperately need a pet. And not just a pet, but a specific one. Here’s a small test to see if what you’re looking for is a German Shepherd.  

You don’t like cats!

And squirrels. And the mailman, to be quite frank. We’re not even going to mention the vacuum cleaner. Well, you know what, you’re not alone. You and your German Shepherds will be soul-mates and best buddies right of the start. Sharing common likes and dislikes is the very basis of a great relationship. And if you’ve always felt like a dogs-person, rather that a cats-person, you just have to have a dog in your life! German Shepherds are, arguably, the best dogs you can find out there. Super adorable, smart, strong, devoted, and highly-skilled – you’ll be able to get the full package here.  


Do you need a running buddy?

If all your friends are too lazy or busy to go out running or even just for a stroll – we’ve got a perfect solution. German Shepherds are full of energy and good spirit. They can run for hours, play with the ball, catch the frisbee, chase squirrels and anything else you come up with when going for a run. Not only will you find an awesome companion for your runs – your exercise and routine will become a much more entertaining experience! 

You need a friend, a guardian, a playmate and a teacher for your kids

A nanny with all those qualities will be pretty expensive. And most probably, ineffective. A dog will teach your kids loyalty, devotion, love, discipline, courage, you name it. A German Shepherd will protect those of their kin and will be a great playmate for children. This is the ultimate nanny. And one that does all the work out of love, and not for any material reasons.

You need a wingman

Did you know, that 99,9% of people love dogs? Okay, that’s not technically true, but you can agree that many people do! And what’s not to like?! They’re loveable, goofy, funny and devoted. When going for a walk with your dog – you’ll be able to socialize with fellow dog owners and simply passers-by, who will appreciate your awesome German Shepherd! And while it’s a puppy – no one will be able to ignore its cuteness, rest assured! Be careful, they can steal the show, when you’ve got friends over.

You need a real friend

All jokes aside – this is all it comes down to. People didn’t come up ‘Dog is man’s best friend’ for no reason at all. A dog will literally give up their life for their master. Willingly and with a sense of obligation. Obviously, no one wants this to happen, so, if you do get a dog – stay out of any trouble and just appreciate what a beautiful friend you’ve got in your pet.