The 4 Cutest Dog Breeds That Stay Small When They Grown Up


There’s something about the tiny dogs that simply makes you want to get one

Maybe you’ve got a tiny apartment, or don’t want to scare off people in the streets, but there is definitely a niche for the small dogs in the US. 

Ever since the domestication of the dog as a species – we’ve nurtured and shaped a variety of

breeds. Some were bred to be hunters, shepherds, others to withstand cold weather and so on. Some, it is fair to say, were bred to be adorable. And that’s very true! Petite cute breeds of dogs became extremely popular, especially as the need for a hunter dog declined. 



Here we have some of the cutest little dogs ever

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire is a real place in England, and not a Lord of the Rings reference.  It is where these tiny cute dogs were “developed” in the 19th century. Given how pretty they are, you’ll be quite amazed to learn what they were bred for. It was actually to catch rats in mills. I know, that’s disgusting, but that was the plan for these dogs. Yorkies (as they are known) not only did that job, but also attracted many admirers.  Now they are free to do whatever they want as long as they stay so cute. They are super energetic and funny, which makes them a great companion.


These are the smallest dogs you can find. Having quite a history of origin to them, they are one of the most desired dogs out there. Originally coming from Mexico, some records mention them (or their ancestors) as far back in time as the 9th century. Spanish conquistadors in the 16 century recorded how Aztecs raised and sold these dogs as food. Fortunately, times have changed. As a result, now you can raise and own such a dog just for the fun of it! Coming in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes – you can definitely pick your perfect tiny dog among Chihuahuas. 


Papillons are famous for their beautiful wing-like ears. That is why no other name would have been appropriate for this dog.  Papillon, meaning ‘butterfly’ in French, is your perfect companion. Maxing at 11 inches tall and 10 pounds you get an adorable tiny butterfly-like dog that will definitely brighten your day. They also boast a life expectancy of 12 years, sometimes living up to 16 or 17 years.

Shi Tzu

Finally, we simply could not complete this list without the Shi Tzu. They are tiny, yes. Anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds and up to 11 inches tall. Another factor is more important, though. They are drop dead gorgeous!  Famous for their soft double coat, this breed is a common guest at dog beauty pageants. And no wonder! If you’re looking for a combination of tiny size, enormous ego, and fabulous appearance – a Shi Tzu is the pick for you.

There are many breeds we’ve missed out on, simply because it is impossible to cover all of them in a single article. They are all cute in their own way, and once you get into these toy dogs – you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.