A bed is probably one of the most personal things a living creature can have.  It’s your comfort zone.

So, you’ve rescued a dog. Giving a new home to another creature is a great thing to do. Now what you have to do is create a mini home for the dog – its home.  The bed is arguably the center piece of any living residence.  And this applies to dogs just as much as as it does for people. You can either go to your pet store and get a brand new bed designed for dogs, or you can get creative. If you like DIY things or just hate boring mass-production items, these five dog bed ideas are just for you.

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  1. Use the drawers

If you’re getting rid of your old wardrobe or dresser, the drawers might just be perfect to host your new pet. The funny thing is – the older the wardrobe is, the cooler look you get out of it. Now you have a vintage bed for your dog! The dog might not share your particular interest in reviving old furniture, but the look & feel will certainly be great for your pet.

  1. Pillows

Pillows will work just fine, especially when you have a pretty small dog. It’s comfy, easy to wash and transport, and can look super cool. So, if your dog doesn’t tear it apart every couple of days – you’re all set with the dog own bed.

  1. Night stand or a table

Remember playing castle as a kid? Well, this is kind of like that.  But the space under the table is really going to be used as a bed and a mini home for your dog. You can add nice touches there, like a curtain or cushions, but generally, this is a great life hack for those, who live in tiny apartments and space might be an issue.

  1. Suitcase

Old valises and suitcases are an ingenious way to create a personalized space for your dog. There’s a trend reviving vintage suitcases, but unless you want to look like a European tourist in the middle of the previous century  – use it to as your dog bed.

  1. Chairs

This is a pretty interesting way of reinventing the purpose of a chair. Just turn it upside down, make it soft and cozy (and make sure the dog fits there).  You just created a perfect sleeping spot for your pet without spending any money at all!

It’s important to remember that dogs are very attached to places they like and recognize.

Especially dogs that have been refused the simple things in life. While you are making their life a thousand times better, don’t forget to offer that extra tiny bit of comfort and love byt giving them their own beds.

This will help the dog adapt easily into the new environment and really feel at home. Soon you’ll notice how defensive your dog will get of their newly acquired “private” property.  And that will be the sign that they know where their home is!

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