3 Things Cat Owners Can Teach Dog Owners


For once, we can all forget this insuperable difference between people. 

Yes, some like cats and a dog lover may not be able to reconcile this. Still, there are moments or situations where we can try to look beyond this division and actually learn something or help each other. 

Protection Dogs Plus LLC
Protection Dogs Plus LLC

It is a difficult case to make that German Shepherds are like cats in any way, really. But your approach to treating and training your dog can be modeled on best practices from the world of cat owners. 

Here are three tips we think can work with German Shepherds equally as well, as they do with the cats.

  1. Earn affection and trust

It is a well-known fact that cats are really picky and capricious. The difference here is that dog’s love is almost always unconditional. With cats – you have to earn this! As well as their respect. Try to incorporate this idea into your daily routine with the dog. German Shepherds have extremely developed instincts and they will definitely understand when your treatment is charged with positivity and love.

2. Spend some more ‘me-time’

A curious research was recently published in academic circles. When studying a correlation between person’s ability to socialize, preferences, the scientists looked at their pets. As it turns out, cat owners are 33% more likely to live alone and twice as likely to live in an apartment rather than a house. This means that dog owners are more outgoing people. Which is perfectly normal. However, it is advised to spend some quality time dedicated solely to yourself. Not only is this a great chance to deal with any stress, problems, and anxiety, it is also quite fun, especially when you have an awesome dog to keep you company!

3. Give your pet some more independence

Cats are independent by their nature. It may be down to the fact that we’ve domesticated dogs some thousands of years ago, but the fact remains. They rely on us in almost all aspects of their lives. German Shepherds are a very distinct breed of dogs. Both physically and intellectually. This is why some autonomy can be a good thing for them. Let the dog explore its curiosity and be left alone for once in a while. This will enable them to develop some intrinsic qualities they have. Cats do this all the time and it feels like they do not differ much when domesticated or wild. You don’t want your dog to become wild, but it is good to have them connect with their natural state.

Often it seems like people who like cats differ from those, who prefer dogs almost as much as the species themselves. Regardless, if this is true or not – we all have the same goal. And this is to enjoy our pets as much as possible and make them feel as happy as we can. Taking tips from the ‘other side’ is a great way to get some new ideas and possibly, improve your life and the life of your pet.