3 Best Apps To Track Your GSD



Remember the paper signs posted on every single object in your neighborhood with cute photos of dogs missing?


German shepherds are immensely smart animals. However, no one is safe from getting lost — even dogs with instincts to track down someone they can smell. In 2016 there’s definitely no need to waste rainforest paper on this kind of thing – the technology helps us not only to share photos of food. Apparently, you can now easily track your pets’ position via your smartphone. These solutions do crush that incredible sense of wonder and adventure when you’re running in the streets in your underwear trying to locate the dog who ran away for the hundredth time chasing squirrels, but the idea is worth being entertained. 


While many similar apps have pivoted and reinvented themselves as a dog matching apps or general fitness apps, some remained true to their mission – finding lost dogs. So, here we have collected three top apps (well, actually top two and one that’s just funny) to help you do just that.

If you’ve lost your German Shepherd, these are the apps you’d better have on your mobile device:

  1. Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

 Well, the name kind of gives everything away, doesn’t it? Basically, this is a collar you get for your dog that allows you to track GPS signal and see exactly where your dog is. It is especially useful for those, who adopt dogs, as the risk of them running away or getting lost is much higher than with dogs raised at home. The main cool feature of this app is the so-called Location alerts. And what it does is allow you to set an area that your pet is allowed to walk around. But the moment the dog leaves it – you’re getting notified. The app also tracks dog’s health and works on an Android, an iOS or via desktop web.

  1. Petcube

This thing has made a real splash in the tech world. Combining an ingenious idea, great design and the never-ending affection for kitty cats in the IT world – Petcube is a device that lets you not only monitor your dog via a camera, but also interact with them. With a 2-way audio speaker, motion and sound detector and, amazingly, a laser that you can use to tease your pet – this is a nifty way to keep an eye on your pet.

  1. Real-Time GPS Tracker 2

This app was extremely promising in theory. I mean, it checked all the boxes – tracking pets, real-time integration with Google Maps and location monitoring, geofencing and so on. The only thing is that they propose you track your dog by adjusting a smartphone to them…Okay, it doesn’t have to be an iPhone, but I still think that it’s way too early to allow dogs walk with phones. We did this with kids, and look what happened – they barely spend any time separated from their phones. Let’s keep our dogs the way they are and avoid exposing them to the internet, Pokemon GO and so on. Still, the app gets into our list for those who actually do have a spare smartphone and are okay with the idea of strapping it to the dog to track it. Whatever works, right?