You Won’t Believe the Things Blake Shelton has Said While on the Voice

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Blake Shelton is a character. He’s usually always got something to say, whether it’s about the current state of country music or about a contestant on The Voice, on which he’s been a coach since its inception in 2011.

In just a few years of being on The Voice, he’s said quite a lot while on camera, some things he may or may not regret now. Here are the top things Shelton said while on the show.

On not knowing species of birds

“Is Emo one of those big birds? Almost like an ostrich?”

A moment of narcissism

“I didn’t know what y’all were singing about, but I’m pretty sure it was about me.”

A tweet with false information

“Unbelievable!!! I just got a cake delivered from the Pope that says ‘God loves @JermainePaul more than other people!’”

On which coach smells the best

“Cee Lo! And he loves it when you comment on it, too. It’s like he’s very into his image and all the outfits and stuff. And just so you know there’s smells that he has that goes right along with different colognes, maybe perfume. I don’t know what it is, but you always know when Cee Lo comes in because there’ll be a potpourri smell that hits you that you’ll know he’s there.”

Blake’s response to a tweet that said “Blake Shelton is annoying.”

“And rich.”

On which coach is most addicted to their phone

“There have been times when we’re live on TV and Carson will ask a direct question to Cee Lo and Cee Lo not even know because he’s texting some girl or playing Angry Birds or something on his phone. It’ll completely just go right over his head.”

On which coach is the best gift-giver

“Oh, Christina … absolutely no comparison. … Probably because she’s the richest person on Earth, might be why.”

On trying to keep his distance from contestants

“Maybe I should try to remove myself from being so attached, but it’s hard to, you know? Especially whenever you’ve been in the rehearsals with them and you’ve had all these conversations with them that are about why they want to do this and that. And next thing you know, you’re friends with them and you’re talking to them all the time and see them and you want this for them as badly as they do.”

His tweet before an episode

“This just in from the surgeon general. … Not voting for @JermainePaul causes erectile dysfunction in men ages 1 through 99!!!”

On why all The Voice contestants win

“The good part about it is, they’re all getting so much exposure that they can all go on from the show and be several steps ahead of where they would have been.”

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