BREAKING: David Gilmour Finally Answers… The Pink Floyd “Reunion Tour” UPDATE in 2017


Pink Floyd reunion

Since Roger Waters walked away from Pink Floyd, there has been perpetual hope the band would one day reunite. 

Now David Gilmour is speaking up… 

Fans of Floyd have clamored to see the remaining members tour hoping to see their favorite songs performed live.  Pink Floyd is one of the greatest live acts in the history of rock, but years of resentment between Roger Waters and David Gilmour continue to keep a Pink Floyd reunion out of reach.  Besides isolated shows separated by years, Gilmour and Waters have not been on stage together.  Patiently, we wait as the information as the Pink Floyd reunion continues to build hope and crush dreams.

The world can never truly have the original Pink Floyd members: Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, and Rick Wright. Syd Barrett, kicked out of the band in 1968, died in 2006; Rick Wright died two years later in 2008.  David Gilmour was, to the surprise of some, a replacement for the original guitarist-Syd Barrett.

Pink Floyd moved on from the days of Syd Barrett into the Darkside of The Moon, which skyrocketed the band into the stratosphere of rock gods. 

The albums and songs that followed built Floyd up into the rock icons that they have become.  The songs they produced before Waters departure became the soundtrack for millions of fans all over the world.  Unfortunately, the bad blood that occurred at the split and after still remains today.

After finally giving the fans a Pink Floyd reunion in 2005 at Live 8 David Gilmour said, “Roger spent a lot of time afterwards saying how he would roll over gracefully for that one occasion, but it wouldn’t happen again. He’s selfish in his thinking; he wants to enjoy life in his declining years, and doesn’t see Pink Floyd being a part of that.” 

Roger Waters has discussed that his time with Pink Floyd is over, spending time with his old band mates has no benefits for the present.  Waters told the Times, “a reunion is out of the question; life, after all, gets shorter and shorter the closer you get to the end of it and time becomes more and more precious. In my view, life should be entirely devoted to doing the things you want to do. One can’t look backwards; well one can, and I do actually, and with some fondness, but to try and walk backwards would be absurd.” 

Regardless of what Pink Floyd fans may believe Roger Waters does not owe us a reunion tour. 

At the end of the day he is the one who looks back on his life and judges the amount of regret.  The reality is that David Gilmour and Roger Waters are not friends.  Syd Barrett and Rick Wright are dead and gone.  Waters, Gilmour and Mason will never be Pink Floyd regardless of they play together or not. 

Is a Pink Floyd reunion happening with the remaining members?  David Gilmour has the best answer.

“I love still being able to play that. I just don’t want to do it with the remains of those guys any more. Rick’s dead. Roger and I don’t particularly get along. We still talk. It’s better than it has been. But it wouldn’t work. People do change. Roger and I have outgrown each other, and it would be impossible for us to work together on any realistic basis.”