It was five years between Trace Adkins’ appearances on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice and All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.

Now just three short years later, it’s Trump that is stealing the show– and filling stadiums and auditoriums.

To refresh your memory, the final challenge was to develop a flavor of ice cream for the drug store giant, Walgreens. The contestants had to film a commercial, sell tickets to an ice cream social they had to host, all to promote the new flavor. 

As for the fundraising, Adkins attracted some of country music’s most adored artists to New York City for the finale of “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.” The Oak Ridge Boys, Thompson Square, Billy Ray Cyrus and Wynonna Judd made the trip to the Big Apple to donate money to Adkins during the series’ last challenge. In addition, race car driver Tony Stewart made a donation, as did NFL player Tim Tebow, who was running late and nearly missed the chance to turn in his sizable check.” 

When Donald Trump announced Trace as the winner, he referred to the country star as brave. Adkins raised over $1.5 million for his chosen charity, the American Red Cross. 

Perhaps, but also extremely thankful. In 2011, Trace lost his Brentwood Tennessee home in a fire. 

As Taste of Country reported,

“Filming of ‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’ began last fall, just before superstorm Sandy, which Adkins and his wife documented from their New York City hotel room. It ended on a night when severe tornadoes ravaged much of Oklahoma — both events highlighting the importance of the American Red Cross. The singer says he has a new appreciation for how the organization helps families, especially after they came to his family’s rescue following a 2011 house fire.

Within moments, he recalls, a representative from the Red Cross was by wife Rhonda’s side, asking if everyone was accounted for and calmly going through a list of the most important things she’d need in the following days. Photo identification, car keys, cash … he took control with a compassion Adkins hasn’t forgotten. He was beyond appreciative, as at the time he was flying to a show in Alaska.”

Fast forward to this election year. In an interview with Adkins was asked about his old “boss” Donald Trump.

Here’s what he had to say. 

“Trump is Trump, man. The thing that I tell people about Trump is: it’s not an act. Whatever you think about him, the persona that you see, it’s real. He acts that way whether the camera’s on or not. If you’re sitting in his office, or you’re riding in his car with him, or whatever, he’s like that all the time, man. It’s not an act.”


“He’s been kind to me. I’ve got no problem with Donald Trump. I like him, I find him charming. When he’s not on camera, he’s still an alpha, but he’s engaging and funny. I tell people all the time, I like him. I got no problem with him.”



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