How Prince Stole The Stage With Tom Petty Paying Tribute To George Harrison


There are a ton of great Rock and Roll Hall of Fame performances but the combination of Tom Petty and Prince is among the best of the best. The super group formed when the duo decided to pay tribute to the late George Harrison in 2004.

Tom Petty, Prince | Photo Credit R&R HoF

The Hall of Fame is known for bringing together the best live acts on the planet. Nearly all of the performances can be classified as one of a kind. Since Tom Petty and Prince are also no longer with us, the performance is even more powerful.

Most people recognize Prince as a singer-songwriter but his superhuman guitar abilities should not be overlooked.

Icons Come Together For George Harrison Tribute

Prince, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, and Jeff Lynne got together to play the Beatles hit, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” Petty kicked off the song, but the various vocalists passed around the lyrics.

For the most part, Prince stood in the background during the performance, but it was his turn to rock, he brought down the stage. In an examination of his instrumental mastery, the musician created an effortless performance.

Surprisingly, Prince’s portion wasn’t even rehearsed beforehand.

Tom Petty Proud To Perform With Prince

Tom Petty, Prince | Photo Credit R&R HoF

About halfway through the show, Prince took over. Originally, Tom Petty was supposed to be the frontman while Prince played in the background. However, things went down a little different during the rehearsal.

Jeff Lynne’s guitar player somewhat took over during the rehearsal for the middle and the end, which was meant for Prince. But when it came time to hit the stage, Prince had no problem completely taking over the performance.

The curator for the event was horrified but Prince was calm and knew he could handle the solo with no trouble. In the end, the George Harrison tribute from Tom Petty and Prince was remarkable.

Tom Petty later told the press that Prince burned it up and there was something truly electric in the air during the performance. 

What did you think of this collaboration between two rock icons?