Taylor Swift’s MySpace Page Uncovered: “My equally Psychotic Redheaded Best Friend”


Taylor Swift

A person’s internet life can be very different than their real life. 

The mom who Instagrams her perfect meal made for her model-looking family in her scrubbed-clean house.

She’s faking it.

The wife who brags about her amazing husband who bought the exact right type of makeup all on his own. You know she told him exactly what to buy, had to write it on a piece of paper, and then send him back to the store twice. 

Totally fake.

Taylor Swift? Yep, it turns out she’s got another side to herself online — or, at least, she used to.

Recently, Buzzfeed uncovered Swift’s MySpace page from the archives of the early 2000s. The discovery? She was wild and free.

Taylor Swift

Example: she posted a comment asking her friends to take down a picture of her because she thought she looked “fugly,” and frequently dropped F-bombs. Sounds like every other 16-year-old girl, right?

Let’s look at this a little closer.

Most of this discovered content was deleted. But here’s what’s left.

Taylor Swift

As you can see from the below screenshot, Swift was songwriting way back when. Here’s a little taste of her writing skills from back then:

I don’t what I can get

I f****d up what I had so I shouldn’t want it

I want what doesn’t want me

Therefore I can’t get it

Therefore I can’t be happy

Taylor Swift

Swift has clearly moved on to bigger and better things, winning 10 Grammys, among many other awards. She’s constantly in the news, whether it’s about her new love interest, a feud with Kanye, or her new music.

Earlier this year, Swift put out her video “New Romantics,” which shows her living the dream she talked about in her MySpace days — stadiums full of people screaming for her as she sings and performs on stage, interjected with her commentary about the life she’s living.

With hit songs like “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me,” she originally signed a deal as a country artist, but with songs like “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “I knew You Were Trouble,” she’s become one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. 

But let’s not forget that she was once (and still?) like the rest of us.

Here’s some more MySpace goodness:

Taylor Swift

Here’s what these say:

The top one:

“Everybody watch Kelsey’s scrolling pictures of her friends until you get to the one of shelby.

Her boobs look AMAZING.


The bottom one:

“I’m Grant Motherf*****g Wood.

I do what I want

and say the word “durr”.


And this one, just for kicks:

Taylor Swift

Here’s what it says:

“I read your complaining comment about how your not on abilgails top 8. well, how could you be? I’M THERE. TAKING YOUR SPOT HAHAHAHA (evil laugh, you know the drill). Well, anyway, listen my queer fellow, I thinketh we shall hangeth out sometime soon, eh? yes yes, i do believe i am growing fond of this idea. drive over in your sex van and come pick me up. farewell knave.”

And I leave you with that to think about.