6 Country Murder Ballads That Strike The Darkest Chord


Country music isn’t just about love, beers, and summer nights riding in trucks. Between outlaws and crimes of passion, there is also a much darker element. Murder. Weirdly, killing is a part of many famous country songs. And what’s even more chilling is that much of the murder is done in a rather lighthearted way. So here’s a little spooky that hopefully makes your week look a little bit better by comparison.

6. “Born To Roam”, The Black Lillies

The Black Lillies are a band that retain that native Appalachian sound to their music. Almost bluegrass. “Bound To Roam” is no exception. Not only does it have that wonderful, resonant sound of Americana country, but it also has classic themes of a tragic love ballad. Tragic in that its about a murder of passion.

Sarah and Willie, the two characters in the story, trade lines. And in their story, Sarah tells him that if he leaves her, he will surely die. Willie finally agrees to be besides her side, which means he also agrees to go with her to the river. It is there that she creates tragedy. She goes too far out and convinces him that they both must drown. It’s simultaneously chilling and beautiful. 

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