The White Duke: David Bowie’s Most Sinister Side


In 1975, while promoting his Young Americans album, musician David Bowie allowed for a new character to take over. While alter-egos were not unusual for Bowie, his character The White Duke was different. The wild and colorful wardrobes were replaced by a single waistcoat.

David Bowie | Photo Credit Polyphonic

In 1969, Bowie turned into the Space Oddity character, Major Tom. In 1972, he expressed sexual glam in the form of Ziggy Stardust. As the “space man” transitioned into more of a skeletal figure, dressed in black and white. But, with the look, there also came a bleak moral outlook on society.

David Bowie’s darkest character, The White Duke, leaned toward fascism, which shocked many fans.

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