What Do You Think About When You Think Of Nirvana?


Purposefully or not, the band Nirvana knew how to trigger specific emotions with fans of their work. Fans may think of places like Seattle, which embodies the character of Nirvana, or perhaps grunge and counterculturism.

Nirvana | Photo Credit XS

As such, Nirvana is like Seattle because they were progressive leftists, at least when it came to songwriting. The band was pro-feminism and pro-same-sex marriage decades before these items became more socially acceptable.

In terms of Grunge, Nirvana reigned in their rock music by also highlighting the slacker nature of the times. Part of this was a hyper-movement to Glam bands that came before them in the 1980s.

As another band that owes part of their existence to the punk movement from the 1970s, Nirvana symbolizes the opposition of the happy-go-lucky.

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