Watch The Unbelievable True Story Behind Fleetwood Mac Song “The Chain”


In 1976, Fleetwood Mac was having major problems. Christine and John McVie were going through a messy divorce while Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham were also having their relationships problems. Meanwhile, Mick Fleetwood was also separating from his wife. But, relationship problems were only half of the problem. 

Fleetwood Mac | Photo Credit The Nerdwriter

The real dysfunction revolved around various band members and their cocaine or drug addictions. The media started to hound the band because of these problems, which only made things get worse. Then, of course, they were essentially forced to be together to create their music.

Despite this internal and external pressures, Fleetwood Mac managed to record Rumours, which is one of the greatest albums ever recorded. On the album, it’s possible that “The Chain” was the most important song of the band’s career. After the success of Rumours, they would often shows with the B-Side track.

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