Watch Robert Plant Perform “New World” On The James Corden Show


Robert Plant sang, “In songs we praise a happy landing. On yet another virgin shore. Escape the booming world. Embrace the new world.” From his new album, Carry Fire, the Led Zeppelin veteran performed his new single.

On the Late Late show With James Corden, Robert Plant performed a quiet, meditative version of “New World” as the bassline and electric guitars exploded all around him on stage.

The backup band was the Sensational Space Shifters, but the real moment came later when Plant described a recent Taiwanese Elvis impersonator at karaoke. Surprisingly, he still has somewhat of a vendetta for the man.

Robert Plant Once Lost A Karaoke Battle

Musician Robert Plant described karaoke as a “dastardly trick.” He admitted that he had only sung 2-3 times but that he once lost a battle while out with his son. “We went to a karaoke night” and the options were basically ABBA or Elvis, he said.

“I put my name down,” said Robert Plant, to sing Elvis. “A bloke from Taiwan [also] put his name down for Elvis. So we were competing,” he joked. “I’m doing my bit, but the sad thing was that is was all Chinese-folk in there.”

“I was neck and neck with this guy, but the whole time the Chinese were going for the Taiwanese guy,” said Plant. “And I was really, really good…” The event happened twenty years earlier but Plant was still upset about it.

Carry Fire Climbs The Charts At Rolling Stone

Carry Fire | Photo Credit Amazon

Carry Fire is the 11th solo album from Robert Plant since he left Led Zeppelin. The English rock singer, songwriter, and musician is currently partnered with Warner Brothers records and the Sensational Space Shifters have performed on the last two albums from Plant.

The album has received favorable reviews from most critics. Metacritic gives the album an overall 84/100 score, which means it has “universal acclaim.” Rolling Stone also ranked the album the 37th best album in 2017, ranked.

Additional hits on the album include “The May Queen,” “Dance With You Tonight,” and “Bluebirds Over the Mountain” with Chrissie Hynde.

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