4 Reasons Why Freddie Mercury Is The Best Singer In Classic Rock History


According to a Polyphonic video essay, most people believe Freddie Mercury is the “best singer in rock history.” His vocals certainly pushed Queen to new levels, making them both critically and commercially powerful. However, vocal quality is often a matter of opinion, so let’s explore the ins and outs of Mercury’s voice.

Freddie Mercury Of Queen | Photo Credit Polyphonic

“It seems at least to me that there is a universal love for Freddie’s voice,” said the narrator of the video essay. “One of the first things that people will talk about it when it comes to Freddie Mercury’s singing is his range.” Specifically, fans will notice the low F2 to a Soprano F6, which is nearly unheard of.

The low end is displayed in songs like “All Dead, All Dead,” while the high end is displayed in songs like “Under Pressure,” when Mercury asks “Why?”

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