U2 Frontman Bono Freaks Out About Shocking Allegations Against His ONE Organization


U2’s Bono co-founded an organization called ONE, in an effort to fight poverty and help prevent disease. Lately, the musician has been apologizing over and over for accusations of the organization’s toxic work environment and abuse.

Bono | Photo Credit Extra

At ONE, there have been reports of tax evasion, senior staff harassment, and more. Bono said that founders like Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Former U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron are “reeling” and “furious” to hear the news.

These problems first became public back in November 2017, when staffers chimed in to the #metoo movement.

Seventeen people were treated “worse than dogs.”

Bono Organization Launches Private Investigation

ONE Reps | Photo Credit ONE

Once an internal investigation was launched, CEO Gayle Smith said, “The investigation yielded evidence of unprofessional conduct. And, in particular, what I would characterize as bullying and belittling of staff.”

The staff reported insults like “worthless,” “stupid” or “idiot” in front of their peers. Additional indications said that the manager made staff work on domestic tasks in her home.

In the end, the report concluded the entire organization was an “institutional failure.”

Lawsuit Filed Against ONE Organization

Sipho Moyo | Photo Credit TED

So far, over twenty people quit during the past five years because of the abuse in the workplace. Then, an attorney filed a suit on behalf of seven of the former workers, asking for $3.5 million due to distress.

Most of this abuse came about while under the reign of executive director Sipho Moyo, who denies any wrongdoing. Staffers claim she repeatedly asked for inappropriate and unprofessional tasks.

The staff said she would ask for things like foot massages, mixing drinks for parties at her home, managing her air conditioning in the middle of the night and so on. Oddly enough, Moyo said her superiors were pressuring and abusing her.

“We are deeply sorry,” said Bono. “I hate bullying, can’t stand it. The poorest people in the poorest places being bullied by their circumstance is the reason we set up ONE.”

The musician added that discovering these allegations in the ONE office left him “reeling and furious.”

So, what do you think about these accusations against ONE?