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With the estimated sales of over a billion albums worldwide, it’s not surprising that The Beatles are one of the best-selling rock and roll groups of all time. Our Top 10 The Beatles Songs have been critiqued by many. This is my version. From the perspective of a Die Hard Superfan, that on his 71st birthday choose to attend a Tribute Concert for The Beatles with his wife instead of having a big old Birthday Bash!

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Although they were only together for a decade, the music they recorded keeps reselling millions of copies.
As an example, one of the latest collection of their songs titled “1,” which was released 17 years ago, 30 years after The Beatles broke up sold 1,000 copies per week and by June 2015 sold 3.1 million copies in the UK alone. Indeed, it’s very hard to find a person in the world, who has not heard their songs and does not like them.  

According to Billboard magazine, The Beatles hold the record for most number one hits on the Hot 100 Chart with twenty of their songs on it. 
The Beatles recorded 213 songs in total.  Which songs were the best?
The answer is, it’s very hard to tell.
There are so many charts, reviews, blog posts and opinions out there and all of them are different.
I am a huge Beatles fan and have been my entire life. I have all their songs, I read a lot about them.
Although I am not a trained expert, when ranking songs, experts take into consideration a groups’ commercial success, popularity, impact on the society throughout the time, and how the song is relevant to the present day.
My approach to evaluating a song is much different and much simpler.  I listen to the way it sounds, at the rhythm and the content of the lyrics.
The Beatles:

 № 10.  “I Want to Hold Your Hand”

I Want to hold your hand, The Beatles

Becoming stars in England in 1963 The Beatles wanted to become known in the United States of America. Their first songs presented in the US did not have much success. In 1964 the single “I Want to Hold Your Hand” was released in the US, and in the first ten days, it outsold any other British single. It still remains the best-selling Beatles single in the US.  There were over 12 million copies sold.
Bob Dylan was very impressed by it.

He loved the song. What is fascinating, is that for some time, there seemed to be confusion over the lyrics. He thought that they were singing “I get high” instead of “I can’t hide” and when he met them, Mr. Bob Dylan was surprised that they did not smoke marijuana.
When The Beatles found out that their song became the #1 hit on the US charts, they celebrated frantically. They made the trip to America for the first time in February 1964, a week after “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” hit #1. They were the first British band that was able to catch on in America.
There is a strong belief that the song changed the face of American music and that The Beatlemania began with it. 
 “I Want to Hold Your Hand” is in the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame since 1998.

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