This Video Explains The Many Sides Of David Bowie (& Ziggy Stardust)


Musician David Bowie is somewhat of a character within a character. Over the years, he would often step into new characters, like an actor on screen. Each character personified a different side or different age of the singer-songwriter. Perhaps it was this ongoing change that helped Bowie create hit songs over the decades of work.

David Bowie | Photo Credit YouTube

David Bowie was also an actor on stage and on the big screen. His fictional stage personas would also show various sides of his emotions. It’s possible that his many faces helped him to be more creative. Not only did the new look make him think differently, but it also made him dive deep into new points of view.

In a way, Bowie was one of the most polarizing figures in the history of music. But, fans adored him for his quirks and many faces. So what made his many characters and opinions so captivating? The following video will explore Bowie’s many sides.

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