The Secret Double Life, Hardships, And Iconic Music Of Lou Reed


Before Lou Reed changed the face of rock music, he had to invent himself. Biographer Anthony DeCurtis sat down with Lou Reed on multiple occasions, even inviting him to attend his the class he taught in Indiana for a Q&A. “It was kind of like getting Lou Reed to play Lou Reed with me,” joked the author. This all led to a biography.

Lou Reed Song | Photo Credit Polyphonic

“We had a pretty intense exchange about it,” said the author, when the musician started to get cold feet about the live interview. “But, he showed up and had a good time. With so many things with Lou, like every strategy worked.” The author meant he could be nice, absent, rude, or anything else, and it played to his advantage.

“You could feel the energy in the room,” said the author in an interview with Brian Hiatt (listen here for actual clips of Reed and DeCurtis).

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