The Real Reason Why Robert Plant Turned Down Led Zeppelin Tour


Last year, there were a lot of rumors about the surviving members of Led Zeppelin getting back together. Most of these rumors were headlined something like, “Robert Plant Turns Down Huge Payday.” But, he did manage to come out with a solo album.

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Apparently the only thing standing in the way of a Led Zeppelin reunion is frontman, Robert Plant himself. At first, he didn’t want to perform due to the death of John Bonham. But, no amount of money has convinced him to seriously consider it.

So why has Robert Plant turned down so many offers for a reunion tour?

Robert Plant Refuses Payday For Led Zeppelin

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Led Zeppelin has always been considered one of the greatest rock bands of all time. They’ve produced some of the best albums and those albums are still relevant today. Author Chuck Klosterman said you’re even more likely to hear them today than back in their prime on the radio.

Some of their original songs are questionable, but the fan base remains. When they broke up after the alcoholic death of drummer John Bonham, the musical community has asked for an encore for decades now.

The individuals all still be performing, but Robert Plant refuses to reunite.

Tearing Up An $800 Million Contract

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The negotiations have been going on for years, but Robert Plant will not agree. According to legend, he once he tore up an $800 million contract saying that it wasn’t the right time for a reunion.

Some say the contract was from Richard Branson of Virgin. The billionaire offered the band an insane amount of money for a few dozen shows. The remaining members would have all earned around $200 million apiece, if not more.

Jimmy Page was not happy about the decision, which led to some more resentment between the former band mates. Then, they canceled plans for another 2017 tour and turned down $14 million for a single event at the Desert Trip Festival.

This, of course, also angered Jimmy Page. So, for whatever reason, Robert Plant keeps pushing the idea and it may be too far gone.

What would you pay to go see Led Zeppelin in concert once again?