Ron Howards’ ‘Eight Days A Week’ Film Reveals Truth Of ‘Beatlemania’


Around 1964, the Beatles changed from English lads to world-renown Rock Gods. During the mid-60s, there were several films about the Beatles, but the new documentary from Ron Howard essentially brought everything together as one.

Ron Howard, originally known for The Andy Griffith Show and Happy Days, has become one of the greatest directors of all time (he might even be able to save the new Star Wars movie). But his film Eight Days A Week highlights his love for the band. The video shared the tours, shows, and songs that made the band so iconic. This all started with Ed Sullivan and over 800 worldwide gigs. 

The Beatles Led 1964 With Over 800 Gigs

The Beatles | Photo Credit YouTube
The Beatles | Photo Credit YouTube

The Beatles hit the road in 1964 about the same time that “I Want to Hold Your Hand” was climbing the charts. The global tour consisted of 815 gigs in 15 countries. The band played everywhere from the Philippines to San Francisco and beyond.

Paul McCartney said, “By the end, it became quite complicated. But, at the beginning, things were really simple.” In reality, the biggest turn for the band happened when they got their chance to play on Ed Sullivan.

After Sullivan, there was no stopping the iconic band. “When I say that something, I want to hold your hand,” they sang to the world of screaming fans. 

Complete Worldwide Chaos After Ed Sullivan

After The Ed Sullivan Show, the Beatles were something the world had never really seen before (and may never see again). The band was catapulted into a new territory that meant playing stadiums and organizing crowds to avoid riots.

Then, the band started to see the media as vampires. There were constant assaults on questions and there were so many articles that it didn’t matter if the news were fact or fiction. For the most part, the band handled it quite well.

But eventually, John Lennon mistakenly said they were bigger than Christianity, which hurt their listeners in the Bible Belt. All in all, the film from Ron Howard captured the crazy now known as Beatlemania. Ron Howard’s Beatles film came out on September 17, 2016. Howard has always been a Beatles fan and this collaboration is a must-watch for any true fan. 

What’s your favorite Beatles song from their early work?