The Foo Fighters Netflix Special Is A Must Watch Documentary


“There were some people that really resented me for starting this band,” said musician Dave Grohl. “But I didn’t want to always be known as this guy that played drums for Nirvana.” Essentially, this is why Grohl played every instrument and literally created the Foo Fighters alone in the studio.

In Foo Fighters: Back and Fourth, fans can finally watch the origin of the band. The documentary highlights their story, their comical and intense music, and everything in between that made the band rock and roll.

But, it all started with Nirvana.

Dave Grohl Talks About Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl | Photo Credit Netflix

“I was playing for 13 hours a day and being told, ‘What’s wrong with you?’” said Dave Grohl about the band. “We had already spent three months and a million dollars on something that we threw away. I was sick of it.”

After playing to 85,000 people, they decided to make a record in a garage. They make as many serious songs as they make funny songs. The “back and fourth” made the Foo Fighters one of the greatest bands of all time.

But, this is likely because they never cared if they took things too far and actualy destroyed the band. If the Foo Fighters are over, then the Foo Fighters are over,” said Taylor Hawkins.

The Evolution Of The Band

Dave Grohl | Photo Credit Netflix

In the beginning, the band was basically dismissed. There’s an old joke about the drummer wanting to write lyrics, but that’s what happened. Grohl’s career as a drummer ended with Nirvana, so he came the frontman for Foo Fighters.

They also were more comical than most other bands, so not everyone took them seriously. Some of this had to do with the persona of the band. Eventually, Grohl decided that if he wrote and sung the song, it was then a Foo song.

But, he had some problems with this idea at first. He didn’t know if all of the songs should be light-hearted. Essentially, this is how every band evolves. “Honestly, if I had taken this whole career thing seriously, I would have named it something else. It’s the worst f**king band name in the world,” joked Grohl.

What is your favorite Foo Fighters song?