How Pink Floyd’s Final Tour Morphed Into An Unexpected Live Album


In a post Roger Waters era, Pink Floyd finally wrapped up with a grand finale album known as Division Bell Tour and Pulse. Waters split the band in 1985 on hostile terms, but the three remaining members continued to rock.

Pink Floyd | Photo Credit Reddit

It’s possible that Waters thought the band would come to a close after he left, but he was wrong. Mason, Gilmour, and Wright made two more albums, which were Momentary Lapse of Reason in 1987 and 1994’s The Division Bell.

After Waters left, however, it was clear that there was still genius in the band.

After Roger Waters Left Pink Floyd

Roger Waters | Photo Credit Bearded Gentleman

Both Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall were created by a group of people. But, after Waters left, three-fourths of the creatives were still there to create. With Gilmour leading the pack, the band remained successful.

While prepping for the Division Bell tour in 1994, the band never prepared for a live album. But, they did want to mix up things for fans, while also creating an agreeable set list for everyone. This meant creating a combination of new and old songs.

The real reason that they didn’t consider a live album is because they just made one back in 1988. It was called The Delicate Sound of Thunder.

Division Bell Tour and Pulse Live

Division Bell Tour | Photo Credit Amazon

At the end of the American tour, however, Gilmour felt like they needed a live album, even if it was initially only meant for them to keep. He really wanted a live album of Dark Side of the Moon and wished he had recorded one with Rogers.

But, recording one series of songs didn’t feel like it would be enough. This is especially true considering it would be the last live album. The Division Bell Tour and Pulse was the two-disc creation that followed.

The first disc has a handful of songs had a handful of the newer songs and it was also loaded with various highlights from Dark Side. This time, David Gilmour was guitar and lead vocals, Nick Mason was drums, and Richard Wright was keyboards.

During the concerts, the encore was generally “Hey You” and “Run Like Hell.”

What is your favorite song on the Pink Floyd album, Division Bell Tour and Pulse?