Stevie Nicks Talks Energetic Shows, Rod Stewart, and Songs From Her Diary


“My band has not played for this many people in a long time,” said Stevie Nicks about her Fleetwood Mac reunion. “I think the last time we played for a big crowd was Bonnaroo, but that’s when I went on the road with Tom Petty.” Nicks has also always wanted more of a touring career in the UK.

Fleetwood Mac | Photo Credit The Nerdwriter

It’s possible that Stevie Nicks— as Fleetwood Mac or solo— never really did an enormous UK tour because of her two careers. After a Fleetwood Mac tour, she would work on a solo album and then head back to the band. Therefore, there wasn’t time to schedule a complete tour overseas.

“I didn’t feel like I could push it,” she said about dueling tours. Nicks has always appreciated life under the Queen but she’s spent less time there than she wanted. In a recent interview, she spoke more about Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac, and more.

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