Rolling Stone Photographers Talk Cobain, Joplin, Winehouse Cover Shots


Three legendary photographers from Rolling Stone magazine—Baron Wolman, Mark Selinger, and Max Vadukul—have recently discussed how the magazine defined various musicians over the past several decades. This includes a drugged-out Amy Winehose and a rebellious Kurt Cobain, among others.

Nirvana | Photo Credit Rolling Stone

“As long as you remember the photo, that’s what makes it great,” said creative director Jodi Peckman. In one of the first Rolling Stone covers, Baron Wolman took a photo of the Grateful Dead being bailed out of jail. At the bail bondsman, they almost shot the photographer.

“The first Rolling Stone offices were down the alley from the bail bondsman place. I don’t know how I heard they were there, but I ran down there,” he said. Jerry Garcia wasn’t in trouble, but the other members had been arrested. Wolman also captured other coincidental images, such as when Pete Townsend smashed his guitar.

“Everything they were doing was photogenic,” said Wolman about The Who. For the photographer, it was important to have musicians who performed well and did a great job on stage. Jimi Hendrix made great photos, where Jerry Garcia did not. It was all about a visual show.

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