How Robert Plant Took Solo Career Over Led Zeppelin Fame


“Don’t imagine that big is beautiful,” said Robert Plant about the perils of living in the limelight. The frontman for Led Zeppelin is more comfortable with his small-scale solo career that when his band was dominating the world with globe-shaking hit songs for years.

Robert Plant | Photo Credit Uncut

Basically, the general perceptions of success did not match his own experiences. Instead of getting the band back together (which is what Jimmy Page has often suggested), Plant has instead focused on pushing his new album, Carry Fire. He’s performed on various late night shows and is now on tour.

“It’s obviously very flattering to find out that it’s the final icing on the cake that means I don’t have to go back to playing in the state of Delaware to ten million chairs and do ‘the big deal,’” Plant said in a new interview. “This combination of spirit and humor is my life’s blood.”

A lot of musicians have found global success as daunting. It can be this thing that people chase but later regret. Instead, Plant focuses on smaller venues and can even drop into the occasional karaoke bar without making a scene.

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