Paul McCartney Still Upset Over Second Billing Behind John Lennon

McCartney vs Lennon: It's Still Raging On!


The songwriting team, Lennon-McCartney, represents greatness. However, Paul McCartney is still somewhat upset for always being listed as second behind his former partner, John Lennon.

Lennon-McCartney | Photo Credit Daily Beast

Together, the duo penned most of the iconic Beatles songs, but “Lennon-McCartney” has essentially become a blanket for all of the songs. This mean, if Paul McCartney wrote either the bulk of the song or the full song, he’s still second billing.

Despite how many good songs they wrote together, there are other songs that had nothing to do with both artists.

How To List Paul McCartney And John Lennon

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Commercially, no one really compares to the Beatles. At the center of this success, John Lennon and Paul McCartney (or Paul McCartney and John Lennon) are the epicenter of the creative surplus.

The two wrote both lyrics and music, and there is no other duo that can compete with the partnership. But, the team mentality was not always present and Paul McCartney was often the one who got neglected.

Eventually, McCartney said he was lied to about how the crediting process worked.

The Seal Of Approval For The Beatles

Lennon-McCartney | Photo Credit Liverpool Echo

Paul McCartney arrived late to a meeting where John Lennon had already been chatting with Beatles manager Brian Epstein. In the meeting, they discussed alternating the order of the names for co-written songs.

But, of course, that didn’t happen. John Lennon’s name was always first in the songwriting credits whether or not he actually led the song or even worked on it at all. The Lennon-McCartney name became the official stamp for the band.

Eventually, McCartney just gave up the fight and accepted the sound of Lennon-McCartney, versus McCartney-Lennon. He even commented that Rodgers and Hammerstein worked while Hammerstein and Rodger did not, for example.

The real problem, of course, was songs like “Yesterday.” The song exists in the Lennon-McCartney library, but Paul McCartney wrote and recorded the song on his own, without any help. The rest or the band only helped name the song.

In the end, it became a stamp of approval for the band, but McCartney developed somewhat of a chip on his shoulder because of it.

What is your favorite song from the Lennon-McCartney writing duo?