Watch The Coolest Video Essay That Dissects ‘Dreams’ By Fleetwood Mac


Evan Puschak, a.k.a. “The Nerdwriter,” spends a great deal of his time breaking down films, music, and politics in beautiful video essays. In one of his projects, he took the time to dissect the song “Dreams” from the Rumours album, in “How Fleetwood Mac Makes A Song.”

Fleetwood Mac | Photo Credit The Nerdwriter

“It’s hard to believe that forty years ago, Fleetwood Mac released its masterpiece, Rumours, because still sounds as beautiful and pristine and new as it did in 1977,” said the writer and editor. “It’s a timeless album as far as I’m a concerned—a work of art that lasts. And, that’s really for the goal for someone in the creative arts.”

As the camera panned in, the song picked up in the background and The Nerdwriter started to discuss what makes the album so good. Specifically, he dissects the song “Dreams,” which was originally pitched by lead vocal singer and writer, Stevie Nicks.

But, thanks to the band and time from the studio, they all worked together to make the song a hit. This meant spending a ton of time on the individuals songs but also giving patience to each track. 

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