Musicians Like John Lennon Love To Make Fun Of The Great Bob Dylan


Countless artists will list Bob Dylan among their greatest influences but equal numbers certainly love to poke fun at the musician. As an artist, Dylan has been described as controversial and innovative. To be both of these things, that meant creating a style that is edgy, new, and different, which can be made fun of easily.

Bob Dylan | Photo Credit NY Times

Bob Dylan has a unique, nasal voice. And, when you combine that voice with his dense lyrics, he’s already close to being a caricature of a real person. With such style and relevance, Dylan has remained the subject of satire for decades. John Lennon, Paul Simon and even Weird Al love to make fun of Dylan’s eccentric nature.

Making Fun Of Early Bob Dylan

In the beginning, Bob Dylan’s folk career was celebrated by the media and the other musicians of the era. His songs were inspired by other American folk songs. But, they shifted to anti-war songs and counter-culture tracks for the 1960s. Then, in 1965, he came out with Bringing It All Back Home.

As Dylan shifted away from an acoustic sound, he dove into electric folk rock. The majority of his current fans were angry. One fan even called Dylan “Judas” as he stepped out onto the stage of a recorded performance. Clearly, Dylan was growing as an artist, but that once again made him vulnerable.

So, as the sound went electric, his lyrics became more controversial and more complicated. The psychedelic sound made his peer Paul Simon write the song, “A Simple Desultory Philippic.” The song from Simon and Garfunkel was meant to make fun of Dylan’s distorted guitar and a wailing organ sound.

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