Why Dave Grohl Still Cannot Listen To Nirvana


Nirvana experienced one of the more fundamental and inconceivable breakout success stories of any of their counterparts. Despite their instant success, everything fell apart after the death of frontman Kurt Cobain. This death was hard on everyone, but drummer Dave Grohl still can’t listen to their hits.

Dave Grohl | Photo Credit Netflix

Dave Grohl has been leading platinum sales with his new band, the Foo Fighters, for years. But, he’s still not emotionally past the death of his friend, Kurt Cobain. “Nirvana, for me, was a personal revolution, I was 21. You remember being 21? You think you know it all. But you don’t,” Grohl told GQ Magazine.

“I thought I knew everything,” he added. “And, being in Nirvana showed me how little I really knew. They were some of the greatest highs of my life, but also, of course, one of the biggest lows. Those experiences became a footing or a foundation on how to survive.”

This survival mode has been going on since 1994 for Grohl and his bandmates.

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