Mick Jagger Shares His Showmanship Magic And Final Life Goal


Looking back, a 60-year-old Mick Jagger now rolls his eyes at an interview he did at the age of 19 where he wanted to “make a movie before [he] died.” Part of this ideological idea was because of youth, but part of it was because every pop singer from the 1950s and 1960s made one bad movie. For Mick Jagger, however, his future was meant for something much bigger.

Charlie Watts, Mick Jagger | Photo Feel Numb

Now, Mick Jagger respects both music and movies a great deal more. He knows that movie roles can come and go for those outside of the business. Mick was offered the role of Luther in the film, The Man From Elysian Fields. The movie also starred Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies, and Angelica Huston. Either way, Jagger’s main purpose was to be seen as a character and not as Mick on screen.

In the film, Jagger shared the screen with Garcia and Huston. Unlike many musical artist cameos, Jagger’s version of Luther was a real character, who had to reflect and share an innate sadness.

The Opportunity For Mick Jagger To Act

Outside of acting, Mick Jagger also somewhat believes he’s occasionally more American than British these days. “We have so many things in common,” said Jagger in an episode of Charlie Rose. “I’ve lived in America for such a long time and perhaps spent half of my adult life here.” Surprisingly, Jagger said his time in Atlanta was a slower change of pace, more like Britain.

The old cliché is that Americans are rushing through life, while the British and the Italians are moving more slowly and enjoying day-to-day life. But Jagger circa-2002 was working on a movie, performing around the glove, and recording new songs. At the time of the film, he saw an opportunity to create a platform as an actor, but he didn’t want to try all that hard to land other acting gigs.

Instead, he focused on his music. After decades of years on stage, Jagger noticed he could lean back a little and spend less time taking notes of performances. But, he did get the chance to produce an HBO series called Vinyl with the great Martin Scorsese. 

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