Nile Rodgers On David Bowie & Stevie Ray Vaughan Song, “Let’s Dance”


David Bowie was on the first musicians to realize that if you want to change your sound, you can simply change the band. Some fans saw Bowie as a vampire, who would suck the blood from talent and move on. But, there’s so much more to his collaborations.

David Bowie | Photo Credit NME

Today, musicians will sample newcomers and help them get traction as an artist. This is often done from rappers like Kanye West or even Eminem. David Bowie liked the sound of Philly Soul, but he didn’t just use their sample. Instead, he would invite the band to come perform with him.

Nile Rodgers recently spoke with Rolling Stone about Philly Soul and how David Bowie discovered Stevie Ray Vaughan for “Let’s Dance.”

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