How This Dream Phenomenon Inspired The Epic Return Of Lenny Kravitz


“I’d never felt that confused about what to do,” said Lenny Kravitz in an interview with Rolling Stone. “It was kind of a scary place. You don’t know when it’s going to come.” For artists, writer’s block can be this seemingly incurable disease that destroys or radically alters a long career.

Lenny Kravitz | Photo Credit Rolling Stone

Three years ago, Lenny Kravitz wrapped a world tour and then found himself completely lost as an artist. “I wasn’t sure where to go musically,” said the artist. “After doing this for 30 years, I wasn’t feeling it. I’d never felt that confused about what to do,” he revealed.

Naturally, those around Kravitz wanted to help out but he wasn’t too keen on their ideas. Many of his colleagues suggested he partner with new and upcoming artists but that just didn’t feel right. However, he is actually also working on a second album that does feature a few collaborations with funk artists. 

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