Keith Richards Talks New Generation Fans, Stage Energy, Wild Wardrobes


“The luck of the Stones held out, right?” joked Keith Richards in an interview with Absolute Radio. The Rolling Stones had just performed in the UK and they luckily avoided a passing storm. In addition to the luck of the Stones, Richards also spoke about a new generation of fans and followers.

Keith Richards, Mick Jagger | Photo Credit Vanity Fair

At this point in the Stones’ career, the band has managed to convert new fans every few years. In fact, many of their original fans now have children and grandchildren listening to their iconic music. “It was great. [The fans] felt seamless for me. They all felt like they were in it,” said Richards. 

“I use several guitars during a gig because I use different tunings for different songs, but they’re all favorites. I use about five different guitars, so there is not a favorite one. But each is sort of a favorite for each song,” said the musician. “I feel very excited about the [upcoming show].”

“When you’re up there, you’re not really thinking about generations and stuff. It’s just a bunch of folks and you want to turn them on,” said Richards. “From that point of view, it worked.” From Richards’ perspective, the key is to focus on the music. 

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