The Neighborly Feud Reignites Between Jimmy Page And Robbie Williams


At times, former Led Zeppelin star Jimmy Page has been described as ornery or ill-tempered. He’s been short with reporters and butted heads with Robert Plant, but he stays in the news for his neighborly problems with Robbie Williams.

Robbie Williams | Photo Credit Daily Mail UK

Robbie Williams was in the band Take That and also had a successful solo career but he just can’t seem to see eye-to-eye with Jimmy Page. Recently, the concern has been about construction on Williams’ property, next to Page’s home.

The feud has reignited recently but it’s been around for years. Basically, Williams keeps submitting plans and Page keeps fighting them. 

Jimmy Page Can’t Stand His Neighbor

Williams, Page | Photo Credit Daily Mail UK

Musician Jimmy Page has spent a lot of time slowing down or halting Williams’ plans to renovate near his mansion. Most recently, he’s sent some angry letters of objection to the local council. Basically, he wants an injunction.

Page has spent a lot of time making sure his home remains listed as “Grade 1” home. This means it is an “area of special architectural or historic interest” in the area. The home was designed by Victorian architect William Burges in the 19th century.

The musician has spent years and lots of money making sure to keep up the interior and exterior of the building. Page submitted, “As I have written previously (and repeat here for the sake of clarity), the Tower House was built in the 1870s by the eminent Victorian architect, William Burges, for his own use.”

An Ongoing Feud Between Musicians

Williams, Page | Photo Credit UCR

The Daily Mail writes, “The two musicians have been at war for four years, ever since Robbie bought the historic Grade II listed property and started extensive renovation works… But now Jimmy has reignited the dispute by blasting the latest building plans submitted by the ex-Take That singer to extend his £17.5m home.”

According to report, Robbie wants to create an iceberg basement with a gym and swimming pool near Page’s home. The plans include a tunnel, garden landscape, and ground-floor balcony.

But Page feels like his neighbor’s 46-room house is big enough. A similar plan was submitted back on April 2-15, which Page described as “catastrophic.”

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